Sudan floods threaten archaeological sites, so shall we save them?

The flood that Sudan suffered days ago drowned tens of thousands of homes and killed more than 100 people, that was not its outcome, and only very sadly, it is and despite the great and serious impact that the parents and their property were exposed to. However, it may also affect Sudan’s archaeological sites, especially since the authorities there can only predominantly suction water and put sandbags as a bracelet around archaeological areas.

The rise in the Nile flood there threatens to besiege important archaeological sites along the Nile Stream, and areas north of the capital Khartoum are also under threat. Warnings from the archaeological area of Bajrawi have become threatened by the flood.

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The Bajrawi area, 200 kilometers from the capital, is one of the most prominent archaeological areas in Sudan and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Al-Bajrawi has been built primarily as a headquarters of the Marawi kings and the capital of their kingdom (Marawi), and there are dozens of pyramids that were established as kings, and irrigated civilization has experienced the rule of Persians and heroism in EGYPT

The renaissance (Marawi) reached its peak in the first century AD, long after civilization plant and after the movement of centers of power and wealth in Kush to the south.

During the next two centuries of the first century, the state of the south began its way of rapid decline, and soon that great city turned into a deserted city and the end of the irrigated state was by the king of Xomi Isanyas, who conquered and destroyed the country greatly In the 330th century AD around 330.

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