11th of September: Ancient Egyptians Day!

On September 11, the ancient Egyptians were celebrating New Year’s Day! Before we knew that ancient Egyptians have many and diverse between official holidays and popular ones, whether general at the country level or local in each region, we knew that ancient Egyptians celebrated those holidays in general. They did this by decorating temples and their lighting, singing hymns, and offering sacrifices because their holidays were all related to faith.

Their celebration of New Year’s Eve was special, so through their literature – still before our eyes on the walls of temples and tombs – we can know that they celebrated it this Eid. They called it “Wat Rabbit alienated” i “the opening day of the beautiful year.” It was celebrated with the sunrise on September 11th “blueberries, “the fourth month of the flood season, where Their Sunnah was linked to the flood.

The ancient Egyptians noticed that the flood is an annual phenomenon repeated regularly and that the Yemeni poetry star appears on the horizon with the sunrise that day. They then thought that the flood was only tears of the idol Isis that kept crying On her husband Osiris after his brother six killed him.

The Sunnah of ancient Egyptians was as it is now, twelve months. And in every month: thirty days. But, the remaining five days were forgotten, and forget it even from their history, and New Year’s Eve lasted throughout those days the five days, as they were spending it in celebrations and joys outside the houses. The festivities were starting from the temple where they went to the top cabin above the temple, carrying bread, cakes, pancakes, and wine, and then going out to the fields and on the Nile Beach enjoying With planting, roses, winds, and beautiful calm atmosphere, leaving behind the world’s troubles and worries that have shed them all year long, and their food on New Year’s Day included ducks, geese, and fish.

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Their drinks were fresh wine, as the grape age celebrations were in accordance with New Year’s holidays, and they were making sure to exchange round water bottles, which symbolized water as a symbol of life, and those bottles were represented in the image of the ?? note ?? of the sky. They thought there was a permanent link between water and life and the beginning of the new year, and one of the most beautiful habits in their holidays – especially on New Year’s Day, that the fighters raced towards each other, disputing their hearts hostility and hatred. In those five days – forgotten – their differences, grudges, and disputes that may last all year!

Although New Year’s Day has taken a worldly popular character associated with joys and decorations, and although it is not much similar to other religious holidays, the ancient Egyptian has not forgotten its end. It is them and after going out from the temple and doing ceremonies heading together towards the graves, carrying mercy baskets filled with food and cakes as an expression of their dead.

Ancient Egyptians were making cakes in the form of multiple geometric shapes, as they were making them in the form of animals or flowers, and they were stuffing them with dried dates, then they lurk it on panels of arduz, because it was a rock that was easy to cut into boards. Then they baked the type dedicated to visiting graves was formed in the form of a mascot of six “Isis knots, “which is one of the mascots that open the doors of paradise, and so every Eid of ancient Egyptians had a link to the hereafter… a very happy new year.

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