Elon Musk’s Neuralink’s has unintended advantages

The fusion of human consciousness and AI may or may not go ahead. But in the steps leading up to that, we have discovered its advantages in animal testing.

Along with the more known companies like SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk also has several other plans, one of them being Neuralink. This company has been trying to make a chip that can be implanted in the human brain since 2017.

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This is being made so as to help people with these diseases, and also for human evolution as such. These could also help in restoring movement, that was lost due to paralysis. But all of this is very short-sighted according to Musk, who says, that this would allow people to save and relive memories, or even act like a remote to all electronic devices nearby.

On August 28, there was a live demonstration, by the company, on an animal, a pig to be precise. The pig ‘Gertrude’, had the chip in its head, and was being monitored simultaneously too.

The researchers, who were analyzing this, was quite impressed with the overall process and product. They also mentioned, that the package was so small, that it could be fit inside the brain, with no difference as such. As such, Gertrude has to stay alive for a couple of years, or more, so as to make sure that the chip doesn’t cause any issues in long term.

When put in action, the device kept giving information as Gertrude used her snout to snuffle around, and when put on a treadmill the Neuralink was able to accurately predict the positioning of her legs as she walked along.

While researchers are still skeptical about all of this working in humans, given our advanced brains and intelligence from said animals, we hope that it works out in the favor of the planet and everyone on it.

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