Hair hairstyles in ancient Egypt and its connotations

Hairstyles in ancient Egypt are a big topic that needs many studies, but I’m just here to convey some quick points that I’m back to through a study of English art historian Jay Robbins published in the journal American Research Center in Egypt in general 1999, titled: Hair and the Construction of Identity in Ancient Egypt, c. 1480-1350 B.C.  It declares that poetry images in ancient Egypt reflect the social status and age of people as well as their gender.

Both the noble men and women of society were wearing wigs. But women kept their long hair down. While men were wearing that wig on the shaved head or short hair, men’s wig was above shoulder level and appeared mattress and perfect in threads, curly or braided shape.

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Children under age film naked, sucking index fingers, shaving shaved heads, even if there’s a lock of hair hanging on the right side. The sons of leaders and nobles were wearing either a short round wig or a shaving head.

Short hair was referring to a state of submission, whether for an idol or for the master, proof that the priests were filmed with shaving heads, and the servants were also photographed in the same shape, even though the maids at home were shown with long hair sent on the shoulders and chest.

Rather, the hair tie is closely linked to fertility in Egyptians, changing hairstyles or wigs was indicative of a girl’s age, the three-tiered hairstyle pattern, the hairstyle that includes a lock dangling on the face, or the hairstyle that comes in the shape of a ponytail. All hairstyles indicate that her friend is in the youth stage because she is the stage where the girl is no longer a little girl, but in the same breath, she was not married yet. These hairstyles were showing that the girl had free time to care with her hair and organization!

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