Halloween is getting spookier this year with a rare blue moon

This year’s Halloween will be a little bit spookier with a rare blue moon illuminating our night sky. 

The full moon on the night of Halloween would be the second full moon for October this year. According to NASA’s National Space Science Data Center, this relatively rare occurrence happens once every two and a half years on average. Since the lunar cycle and the calendar years aren’t perfectly in sync, we get two full moons in the same calendar month once about every three years.

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October’s first full moon is known as the Harvest moon and will appear on the first of the month. The second full moon or the blue moon will be visible on the 31st and is the first instance of a second full moon since March 2018

According to the Farmers’ Almanac, it is also the first time since 1944 that a Halloween full moon has appeared in all time zones. The last time a Halloween full moon appeared was in 2001. But it was only for the Central and Pacific time zones.

Unlike the phrase “once in a blue moon” phenomenon, the moon will not appear blue on Halloween. According to NASA, the phrase was coined to mean something so rare that we’d be lucky (or unlucky) to see in our lifetime.

Sometimes, the moon takes on a bluish hue due to smoke or dust particles in the atmosphere, such as during a major volcanic eruption. 

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Source: CNN

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