Maya Rudolph Bagged Two Emmys Back to Back

We all know that Maya Rudolph started from nothing. Now she reached from zero to two Emmys in three days. Last Saturday night, she bagged her second trophy of the week-long Creative Arts Emmys virtual ceremony playing the role of Kamala Harris in SNL. The show was hosted by the famous celebrity Eddie Murphy.

Maya Rudolph took home her very first Emmy for voicing the role of Connie the Hormone Monstress in Big Mouth on last Thursday. Maya was nominated two times in the guest actress category on Saturday night.

The role of a Judge in “The Good Place” also got another nomination. As a part of this, she got recognition widely. Bette Midler, Wanda Sykes, Angela Bassett, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge are the other competitors along with Maya, to take home the gold.

How did Maya respond to the Awards?

Her role in The Good Place is inspired by the real-life person who died in the last few days. His name was Ruth Bader Ginsberg. “I was actually thinking about The Good Place a lot and about how we modeled her robe after Ruth Bader Ginsberg and how much of that was a homage to an iconic human being. When you think of a judge, when you think of all-knowing, when you think of powerful, when you think of all good, yeah, we modeled her robe after RBG, so that was pretty cool.”

An acceptance speech was not pre-recorded by Maya for the virtual ceremony. “That feels a little presumptuous, and not to mention just physically, emotionally exhausting. If I’m going to experience defeat I’d rather not have gone through all the hair and makeup.” Maya told.

She also paid tribute to the other women in her sector, saying she actually didn’t foresee such awards. “To be fair I didn’t think I was going to win again tonight. I thought the guest actress, this nomination, is usually flooded with incredible women who are legends and I saw a couple of legends in there…Bette Midler beats me in the legend department, and Angela Bassett beats me in the legend dept. I’m kind of still surprised and a little bit startled I won another Emmy. I don’t know about you but I haven’t felt that lucky lately, so this a very foreign feeling and I’m really embracing it.”

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