Ancient art that’s about 7,000 years old discovered in Spain

In the southern part of Spain caves at Los Machos, there have been ancient paintings found with anthropomorphic circular and geometric designs on the walls. These paintings are believed to be from the neolithic period. The walls around held fingerprints of two different people, or as we know, the two artists. Researchers have found the way to determine the age and sex of the artists using their fingerprints alone, through which they have concluded that one of the two is a man of age around 36 and the other a female under 20 or could be a juvenile male.

The researchers and experts of the University of Granada, Durham University, and the Autonomous University of Barcelona have studied and, with the help of pictures taken, could find out the sex and age of both artists and published the collected information in the journal Antiquity. Martínez Sevilla, a researcher, said: “We looked at the number of fingerprint ridges and the distance between them and compared them with fingerprints from the present day.”

He also said that “Those ridges vary according to age and sex but settle by adulthood, and you can distinguish between those of men and women. You can also tell the age of the person from the ridges.” Since there are two artists working together, the event should be a social event than an individual’s work, and there are doughts that if they could be from the same community.

The researchers also say that since the painting was not over painted or corrected in any way and with the place selected by the artists, it could be a very important place in their community. Martínez Sevilla adds that “When I look at these pictures, there is a bit of an emotional response because I see a person from many thousands of years ago painting symbols or designs that would have meant something to them, or which would have been a way for them to express themselves or identify the territory or communicate socially.”

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Source: The Guardian

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