The pyramid is built with forced labor and Dr. Ahmed Fakhry responds

One of the most beautiful analyses I have read in response to those who claimed that the pyramids were built by forced labor, is what Professor Dr. Ahmed Fakhry mentioned in his book Pharaonic Egypt, which was released in 1957. He says :

“Herodot stated that Khufu was cruel to his people, that he was mocking people without mercy so they hated him, and grudged him…”

Dr. Fakhri also says: “We often read some writers in criticism about forced labor or slavery in the construction of the pyramids, and the rulers who drain the blood of the people in order to achieve things that are useless to people, but all their benefit belongs to the governor.”

Dr. Fakhry did not just convey these opinions, but he conveyed the exact opposite opinion and said: “Others wanted to defend the ancient Egyptians, he said: Khufu and other kings were praising the pyramids to help the unemployed in months. Flooding, when the fields become covered in water, job opportunities are less rare and the poor who did not prepare for those days, the construction of the pyramids was a humanitarian act because it guarantees them food and drink.”

Then Dr. Fakhri replies to the opinion, saying: “Both opinions are far from right because we cannot judge the past by the logic of the present era, or by its teachings and views. The king in Egypt was a god of his people (Dr. Fakhri here according to the ancient Egyptian doctrine), a god-like other gods in heaven, but he is pleased to live on earth to rule it and people are happy to have him among them. If we put this in our mind, we would realize that many people, especially those living in remote villages away from cities, were pleased to have a chance in flood days, and days of financial distress, to visit the long-lasting capital They heard about its wonders and the limb considering the temples of the gods and the palaces of the greats…”

Then Dr. Fakhri approaches meaning and says: “Maybe it’s hard for western people who are overwhelmed with material philosophy and logic, and maybe it’s also difficult for some of the big cities in the east who lack life experiences, but let this go or ‘That’s to one of the small villages in rural Egypt or other than Egypt,’ and people see while working when their opinion settles on building a small mosque or shrine for one of the parents. So, the people of the village see all, and even some of their neighbors from other villages working without pay, those who are able to compete in catering to those who are unable to work, and see women working all day to carry the water necessary for the building. Even the enthusiasm overwhelms the rich of the village, so they will work with others, seeking forgiveness and reward ‘I’m sorry.’ Let him go to them and see humans on their faces working all day in the sun’s glow. And then he talks about forced or non-forced labor.”

And I am here to convey Dr. Fakhry’s opinion.

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