An asteroid is going to fly very nearby to the Earth on September 24

On Sep 24th, 2020, Thursday, an asteroid to fly very nearby to the Earth. That asteroid will whizz by our Earth closer than the orbits of the moon.

Scientists have named that asteroid as 2020 SW. According to the Center for Near-Earth Object Studies at California, it isn’t expected to collide with our earth. But, as per the Virtual Telescope Project, that asteroid will be passing about 16,700 miles away from Earth. That means about 27,000 kilometers away from the Earth.

The distance between the Moon and Earth is about 384,000 kilometers. For easy understanding, we can compare this distance to about 30x Earth distance. With this example, it is clear that the asteroid 2020 SW will pass closer than weather and TV satellites.

Scientists didn’t have a clue about the exact size of the asteroid. They assume that it was 4.4 wide and 9.9 meters long. On Sep 18th, Mount Lemmon Survey in Arizona discovered this asteroid. According to EarthSky, Earth’s gravity is expected to change the space rock’s course when it zooms by our planet.

Once it moves closer to our planet and passes, the next asteroid visit close to the earth will occur on Jun 3rd, 2029. When it will be closer to the Earth, the rock-like structure from the sky appears brighter. But it won’t be visible to our naked eyes. If you wish to see the live arrival and clear view of space rock, please visit The Virtual Telescope website.

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