Mutated coronavirus strain now dominates, scientists say

While the first wave of the pandemic was wreaking havoc to the whole world, scientists worry about the possible second wave in the coming months. History had depicted clearly how the second wave of the virus caused more damage than the existing one.

Researchers from Houston Methodologist Hospital underwent a study by examining samples of two waves of infection and found that a contagious mutated strain of coronavirus dominates in Houston, which has almost7 million population.

Scientists declare that every new strain of the second wave had a mutation known as D614G. Although it seems to be non-virulent, it has shown to increase the number of spike proteins on the surface of the virus. The spike is helpful for the virus in infecting the host cells.

Also, on the initial diagnosis, the patients showed a higher amount of mutated virus on the sample. The severity of the infection depends on the host’s ability to tackle the virus and will increase when the host has other health complications.

As the virus try to change the shape to escape from the immune response by the body, it becomes much complicated for vaccine developers when the mutation perhaps occurs on the spike protein.

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Source: Reuters

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