How did life survive before oxygen existed on Earth? Arsenic.

What everyone breathed before the invention of oxygen? We all know that this is a million-dollar question. Arsenic, also known as the notorious poison, might be the compound used by every living on our planet.

Scientists started studying about a purple ribbon of photosynthetic microbes. That is inhibiting in the oversalted lake which is permanently free of O2. The place is Laguna La Brava, and it is in Chile’s the Atacama Desert. Geoscientist Pieter Visscher from the University of Connecticut said: “I have been working with microbial mats for about 35 years. This is the only system on earth where I could find a microbial mat that worked absolutely in the absence of O2.

3.5 billion years ago on Earth, microbial mats fossilized into stromatolites found more because none of the O2 exists at that time. How life survived in those conditions still remain a mystery. After analyzing extremophiles and stromatolites, researchers came out with a lot of possibilities. Stromatolites from Tim Ian Formation in Western Australia revealed that arsenic and trapping light, once used for photosynthesis. In the last year, researchers discovered an enormous amount of living organisms in the Pacific Ocean that also breathes arsenic.

La Brava life forms closely resemble Ectothiorhodospira, which is a purple sulphur bacterium. This recently found in an arsenic-rich lake in Nevada. At the same time, more research needs to verify whether La Brava microbes also metabolize arsenite.

If the scientists are right, these life aspects would be the initial to do so in a perpetually oxygen-free microbial mat. That resembles what we would anticipate in Precambrian habitats. Nevertheless, they assert there’s a vital proof that both routes prevail, and these would have been adequate to benefit comprehensive microbial mats in the early days of life on Earth.

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