The golden pot of the Silver King!

The Silver King… that is the title that scientists gave to one of the most important kings of ancient Egypt, but many of us may not hear about him. He is the king Psisense I, the third kings of the twenty-first family, who ruled Egypt during a period of time 45 years between 1054 BC. He has ruled from the Tanis area (currently San Al-Hajar in Eastern Province) and has worked to bravely protect eastern Egypt’s borders.

Although his rule was in Tanis, he did not forget the first capital of Egypt (Thebes), he created a temple for the Trinity of Thebes (Amon, death, and Khunsu), and he would not have done otherwise. He is the son of the chief priest of the city of Thebes (Benjum), who had left the city of Thebes and headed towards the city of Tanis to succeed the king (Samandes) on the throne. He also set up another temple of Lamon with 4500 meters decorated with great patterns and paintings. He also set up his cemetery, which was found through the French Egyptian world (Yier Monte) in 1940 during World War II, which made it to not receive the coverage and global media attention that matches it. It is found in all its treasures intact and not destroyed—even its treasures match the treasures of young King Tutankhamun. 

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Among the most prominent treasures of the cemetery are his full silver coffin, his elegant gold mask, his precious silver and gold pots, and his sparkly jewelry that shows how rich and splurge this king lived. One of these treasures is this golden pot that you see in pictures—it is a beautiful golden vase, with patterned lines that show the good taste and skill of artists in that era. As for his mummy, it was found a bit damaged due to its exposure to groundwater, and by examination, it was recognized that the length of the king Psosense I was 166 cm and that he was strong, and his head was huge.

Although he was short, it appears that his right eye was higher than his left eye and that he died in his eighty years. His spine was found broken in the upper seventh paragraph, but he had been cured during his life, but when he died. He suffered from rheumatism in the tissue of the spine, and his mouth was humped due to losing many teeth. Now the treasures of his tomb are decorated by the halls of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

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