Skull found in Spanish caves indicates failed Stone Age era brain surgery

A skull found in a Spanish cave which looks like a stone age period one. It also bears the marks of a failed brain surgery.

The skull resembles to an adult woman, who lived in 4550 BC to 4800 BC. The excavation was done by archaeologist deep inside the cave of Dehesilla Cave on the Iberian peninsula. They got another skull of a man and the remains of a goat at the same place. PLOS ONE journal reported this news on August 13th.

The deep study about these bones came to the conclusion that these bones are used for some religious rituals. Author Daniel Garcia-Rivero, an archaeologist at the University of Seville in Spain, wrote this in a newspaper. Both of these bones pointed out to a fact; they are the victim of human sacrifice.’

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A set of caverns in Spain’s Baetic Mountains forms the Dehesilla Cave. In 1970s stone age artefacts were found near the entrance of the cave. Room 4, also known as the deepest caverns, helped for this discovery.

The excavation held in 2017 revealed two jawless skulls, buried alongside stone tools and bits of pottery. They also found a skeleton of sheep or goat that was likely less than ten days old at death. A stone altar and an ash-rich circle also found inside that cave.

Researchers fount it too difficult to determine the sex of a person by looking at the skull. But we can identify whether it is a man or woman by looking at the size and shape of the skulls. In this case, both were adults—one might have been female and the other male.

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