Scientists discover footprints dating back 115,000 years in Saudi Arabia

An exciting archaeological discovery was mentioned in a British newspaper Daily Mail, Where archeology found they found human traces found inside an ancient lake in the Nafud desert, in the Arabian Peninsula. It is about 115 thousand years old. The portal is indexed between Africa and Eurasia.

This discovery, a Saudi government official, “is the first evidence of the oldest human being” in the Arabian Peninsula.

He said it seems that a group of ancestors of the species of Homo sapiens stopped drinking water and looking for forage at a shallow lake that was also frequented by camels, buffaloes, and elephants of a larger size than any race present in the world today.

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The CEO of the Saudi Heritage Authority, Jasser bin Sulaiman Al-Herbash, explained during a press conference in Riyadh that a “joint international Saudi team” was behind the discovery. He explained in statements carried by the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA) that the effects of animal hooves belong to “camels, elephants, and predatory animals” and animals from the two families of goats and bovines, indicating that the “ancient dry lake” is located “on the outskirts of the Tabuk region.”

According to the study, these humans may have hunted the huge animals, but they did not stay for long in the site, which they used as a water point to survive a longer trip.

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