The unknown mystery hidden within Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’

Mona Lisa is a world-famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci between the year 1503 and 1519 while he was residing in Florence. In this painting, he has used such techniques such as the sfumato, spolvero, and many others. Sfumato is in which fine shading creates seamless transitions between light and shadow and in Spolvero it helps in transfer sketches from paper to canvas using charcoal dust. Mona Lisa is known for her staring eyes, smokey look, and it feels as though see watches you all long as one walks across.

A 15-year study of scans taken in 2004 revealed unseen details, including a hairpin. (Pascal Cotte)

Scientist Pascal Cotte has been studying this painting since 2004, with 1,650 scans of the painting finding clues that prove that maybe there could have been or is another painting beneath the painting of Mona Lisa. It could have been the original painting upon which da Vinci created the present Mona Lisa. The clues where a hairpin-like structure found at the right side of her head in the sky, but Cotte says that at that period of time, the fashion for hairpins hadn’t arrived there yet.

Traces of drawing underneath which could have been caused when he was transferring the sketch from paper onto the canvas using the plover’s technique, which using charcoal dust. Marks or traces of underdrawing has been detected at the forehead and hand. But till today, no one has found the true identity of the Mona Lisa, but some art historians believe it to be Lisa Gherardini whose was the wife of a Florentine merchant. Pascal Cotte, a scientist along with Lionel Simonot, analyzed the painting for 15 years.

But many critics and scholars object his point of view and findings and, like Martin Kemp, say that “Cotte’s Lumiere Technology is just a reflection of a continuous process of evolution.” And supporting his judgment Jonathan Jones suggests that “Leonardo worked on the painting through his life adding details as artistic philosophy developed. And Of course, he did a fascinating work on the portrait until the face of the of a real person was transformed into a myth.”

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Source: Smithsonian magazine

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