Cows with stomach problems create climate issues

A new study found that cows with stomach problems may become a threat to the climate. Cattles produce more methane comparing to other healthy animals. Methane heats up the planet 28 to 36 times more than carbon dioxide.

United Nations Food and Agriculture reported that the amount of methane coming from the cattle was estimated to grow 20% from 2017 to 2050. The increase in methane could jump more than 82 percent when we consider with the parasitic worm infection.

Domestic animals like cows are already contributing a massive amount in climate change. Sixty percent of mammals on Earth belong to the livestock. This livestock is responsible for more than 14% of human-caused greenhouse emissions.

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Animals who have parasitic and bacterial infection push out more methane over the course of their lives. That helps in the acceleration of climate change. Livestock infected with parasitic worms can flourish in warmer temperatures also.

“That could be a really interesting phenomenon, or an important one that we’re not really considering.” Vanessa Ezenwa, a lead author of the paper and professor of ecology at the University of Georgia, said this.

Cows and other hoofed plant-eating animals are emitting a huge amount of methane. Human beings also emit methane. But herbivores emits more methane because of their four-chambered stomachs. Microbes help them to digest tough foods with the help of a fermenting food chamber.

Before infecting a host, parasitic worms that cause problems for cows, develop outside first. According to Ezenwa, some of these worms require warmer temperatures to survive. The new study depicts the need for more research to inform efforts to undertake climate issues. This might help us to live in a healthy and safe environment.

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