Sam Walton: Facts about the billionaire Walmart founder you didn’t know

1. At the age of 26, Sam Walton opened his first retail location. The store was a franchise of the Butler Brothers chain.

He only had a five-year lease, so at the end of the lease, the building’s proprietor took control of his business.

2. Walton once had to do a public hula dance because he lost a bet.

Image: Getty Images

His then CFO David Glass thought Walmart could reach an 8% pretax profit, and the founder didn’t. 

3. The Most Versatile Boy.

He took the title as the Most Versatile Boy when he graduated from David H. Hickman High School in Columbia.

4. Walton was included in Time’s list of 100 most influential people of the 20th Century in 1998.

From 1982-1988, Forbes ranked Sam Walton as the wealthiest person in the United States.

5. If Walmart were a country, it would be the 24th richest in the world.

Walmart lists its total worldwide revenue in the fiscal year ending Jan. 31, 2020, as $523.964 billion. 

6. When Sam died, he left his stake in the company to his wife Helen and four children, evenly split. 

Rob, Jim, Alice, and Christy Walton inherited the stakes. Christy Walton is actually the wife of his son John T. Walton who died in a plane crash. Jim Walton is the wealthiest person in Arkansas. Rob Walton is the second richest person in Arkansas.

7. Walton women have consistently been the richest women on the planet.

Alice Walton

Christy Walton was the richest woman at one point. Alice Walton is currently the richest women. 

8. They once operated the largest private satellite network.

In 1987, Walmart successfully completed its $24 million-dollar private satellite network, which connected every single store owned by its headquarters in Bentonville.

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