The COVID-19 mortality rate may rise during the winter

The mortality rate due to COVID-19 is going to rise significantly at the time of the winter season. Doctors are worried about this shocking news after hearing the same. Some people thought scientists were exaggerating about the dangers of this novel virus. They started feeling this way after the predictions came out.

Hannah Wilson, who lives in the Pacific Northwest, commented. “Of course I am tired of COVID, but I think everyone is tired of COVID, but it’s not done. Majority of the people started talking about the ‘COVID’ fatigue.” 

What is COVID fatigue? An exhaustion with wearing masks and distancing. When it comes to warnings about coronavirus, we need to trust the medical team. “The science is important! I mean, these are the people we need to be listening to,” said Heather Wilson, who lives in the Pacific Northwest.

“I’m kind of done with it,” said Dallin McCartney, who is visiting Seattle. “I’m ready to get back to normal, I think we’re kind of making a little bit of a bigger deal than it should be.”

Dr. Jeff Duchin acknowledges that COVID fatigue is real. He also holds the position of Health Officer for Public Health of Seattle and King County. Dr.Jeff urges everyone to stay along with the masks and also follows the guidelines of this pandemic.

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“I want my pre-COVID life as soon as possible, I know you do too…I understand that COVID fatigue is real and the steps we need to take are hard, but the trends we’re seeing today should be a wakeup call for everyone,” said Dr. Duchin.

“That means that hundreds of thousands of people would have to die in order to achieve herd immunity, and not just the deaths, you know I think our health system would probably collapse and there are a lot of long-term consequences aside from the mortality associated with COVID that we would have to deal with,” said Dr. Cohen, Medical Director of Infection Prevention, UW Medical Center.

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