Angry messages between friends in Ancient Egypt

Our Egyptian antiquities and ancient history will remain a rich material for researchers trying to uncover everything new. In an article on the English site JSTOR Daily, the American researcher Carly Silver wrote a wonderful article about three letters of papyrus that were found among the letters that were found in the old days in the city monastery in Luxor, which is the village that used to include workers and craftsmen.

The researcher says that the educated inhabitants of ancient Egypt regularly expressed frustration, annoyance, and anger in a number of their letters to each other. The researcher reported that the Egyptologist at the University of Oxford in Britain, Deborah Sweeney, examined the Deir al-Madina messages, and found that there were three correspondents who wrote angry and sad letters, either to their friends or to one of their family members.

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Egyptologist Deborah Sweeney chose three letters, in which she tries to show that there are disturbing or angry messages sent by a number of friends to each other.

In one of the letters, a person called Nakhtsoubak said to his friend Amnakht, after praising their friendship: What is your crime against you? Aren't you your old eating companion?

Of course, Nakhtsubak did not understand the reason for ignoring Amnacht. But the message shows that Amnacht tried to prevent Nakhtsubak from entering the village! He does not explain to us the reason for this disagreement between the two friends and what made him reach one of them to prevent the other from entering the village. In fact, it is cruel and sad.

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In a second message, the anonymous writer asks his friend (the addressee) frankly: what is wrong with you? Explain to him. He did not understand his behavior that he did not send the ointment as he had promised. The researcher considers that failure to fulfill the covenant between friends was a violation of the social contract in ancient Egypt. For the last message, the friend also asks his friend the ointment and takes care of the woman who went to Deir el-Medina.

Egyptologist Sweeney assumes the following scenario regarding the last message, and says: A woman runs away from her home, to complain about her condition to the goddess Nefertari in Deir el-Medina, and perhaps away from home. It was due to her husband's abuse, and the addressee might be her husband's bad behavior. He is his old friend and his wife's cousin. Thus, this letter clarifies that the addressee does not live up to Egyptian standards for proper social behavior, whether for his supposed wife or for the writer his friend.

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