A new variant of COVID-19 is emerging in Spain

As per the recent news report, a variant of coronavirus has been originated lately in Spain. It also spread across Europe and resulted in most of the new cases reported in several countries in the region.

A team of international scientists has closely monitored the coronavirus through its genetic mutations. Each and every variant of the coronavirus has its own genetic signature. So it can be traced back to the place it first emerged.

This was first observed in Spain in June. It says a new variant of the disease identified as 20A.EU1 by the researchers from Switzerland and Spain. The frequencies of new variants have recorded above 40 percent since July in Spain.

In September, the new variant of the coronavirus has increased from very low values prior to July 15 to 40 % to 70% in Switzerland, Ireland, and the UK. It also found more in Norway, Latvia, the Netherlands, and France.

As per the study by researchers, there was no direct evidence to suggest the new variant of the virus spreads faster than the other mutations.

There were currently no data to access the proximity of the disease. Even though 20A.EU1 was dominant in some countries in Europe. It had not taken over everywhere other than the European countries.

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Various kinds of implications

As per the study, some people return from vacations in Spain might carry the new variant of the virus across Europe.

“It is currently unclear whether this variant is spreading because of a transmission advantage of the virus. Whether the high incidence in Spain followed by dissemination through tourist is sufficient to explain the rapid rise in multiple countries. The study said.

New coronavirus cases, waves in Europe have prompted some countries to implement fresh lockdown measures. Angela Markel, the German chancellor, announced a light lockdown from next week. Bars, restaurants, gyms, cinemas, and shopping malls won’t open during this period.

Same as that Emmanuel Macron, the French president also announced a nationwide lockdown from Friday. Only schools and factories open at that time interval. According to WHO, Europe has recorded more than 10 million cases of coronavirus and 273678 deaths.

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