Solar Energy: The light to Africa

Africa’s dependance on hydro power energy has lead to almost 1/3 of the continents load shedding. Africa, in the past decades, has experienced the most load shedding due to the dependance on hydro power as it being its only source.
But with the changing diversity and Africa realizing its full potential in utilizing the difference sectors, solar is becoming the most used and frequent source of energy in abundance.

A South African based energy company that seems to have opened more wide opens and its growth in past 2 years has proved to be the best provider of solar panels—as well as investing in solar energy plants.

12k Energy, which is becoming the most popularly known solar panel provider and investing in solar power in Africa, is increasing investing in solar-based innovations from electric vehicles to power plants. Its estimated investments globally of about £480 million has seen the company’s rise to its full solar capability services.

Zambia, a country badly hit with load shedding, will soon see itself come into the spotlight, as the country intends to open a 500 MW power plant.

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