Zoom announces live captions feature in partnership with Otter.ai

With the new partnership between Otter.ai and Zoom, will see some improvement in Zoom meetings and data accessibility. Zoom will be releasing a new feature in video conference meetings, creating easily accessible information.

The new feature will have a live caption feature with the presenter’s word to appear on screen with a minimum delay of 2 seconds. This feature was introduced to aid people with hearing impairment to easily follow a conversation. With every advantage, it also brings in the disadvantage of non-English speaking people as they may need some extra help including people having hearing disabilities.

Due to limited with the English language, this will be a disadvantage to non-English speaking people. The most accurate features that are likely to benefit more are the accounts using the Pro and Business plans.

The live captions come in collaboration with otter.ai, which was announced in early May, allowing users to generate full meetings transcripts that are created in real-time with highlights, allowing late joiners to be updated on meeting proceedings.

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With the coronavirus pandemic happening globally, it may be a requirement that businesses and schools can get accurate information and easily accessible. The partnership between Otter.ai and Zoom will help in improving the services being provided, along with information availability instantly. The whole system has been designed with machine learning algorithms (speech-speech-to text), which will have an improvement over time, allowing even people in remote areas to engage in video meetings.

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