The United Kingdom’s Lockdown 2.0

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Monday that he would be imposing another nationwide lockdown to check the spread of the coronavirus in the UK. This news comes nearly four months after the end of the first lockdown earlier this year in March. Boris Johnson was quoted saying that “We are fighting a disease. … When the data changes, of course we must change course too.”

Boris’ Decision Dilemma

The second lockdown, which is expected to last till the second of December, comes in the wake of the sudden spike in Coronavirus cases in the UK. NPR reports: “Johnson, who has received heavy criticism for his handling of the crisis, had initially refused to consider a second lockdown, despite the advice of scientists who warned the country was risking a new spike in cases and deaths. As the virus began to rebound in August, the prime minister insisted that renewed lockdown measures would be a disaster for the country.”

It appears like Johnson is stuck between a rock and a hard place. NPR also reported: “In a statement to the House of Commons, Johnson sought to defend his government from sharp criticisms. On one hand, Labor members accuse him of waiting too long to heed the advice of his scientific advisers — a delay they say contributed to thousands more infections and hundreds of deaths. On the other hand, Brexit Party founder Nigel Farage, in an article in the Daily Telegraph, called Johnson’s response to the pandemic “woeful” and urged more targeted measures. The prospect of a second lockdown has terrified Britons, Farage said.”

Boris Johnson was quoted saying that he was “right to try every possible option” before issuing another stay-at-home order.

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Lockdown Restrictions:

The guidelines of the second lockdown state that while pubs, restaurants, and places of worship will remain closed, schools and universities will remain open. In addition to this, international travel has been banned except for work. The only difference between this lockdown and the previous lockdown is the reopening of schools and universities.

Need For a Second Lockdown

The call for the second lockdown by Boris Johnson which was due to the mounting pressure within the country due to the increasing number of cases and the rising mortality rate.

“The virus is spreading even faster than the reasonable worst-case scenario of our scientific advisers, whose models … now suggest unless we act, we could see deaths in this country running at several thousand a day,” Johnson said in an earlier national address.

The second lockdown comes at a time when other European countries like Germany and France are imposing nationwide lockdown after facing similar predicaments. In fact, French President Emmanuel Macron warned that the second wave of the coronavirus is “likely to be deadlier than the first.”

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