Body shaming still prevalent: Leonardo DiCaprio called out for having a ‘dad bod’

It’s easy to say that Leonardo DiCaprio really is the ‘king of the world’, but Leo struggled at the beginning just like everyone else.

It is the sad reality that even during the 21st century, deep-rooted stereotypes regarding one’s body exist. It has been an age-old practice to criticize the bodies of female actors, but an equal proportion of the male population is also subjected to such shaming.

On the 11th of November paparazzi photos of Leonard capris were posted on major platforms like BuzzFeed, Page Six, Daily Mail, and more where he is seen shirtless, walking on the beach with Emile Hirsch in Malibu. He was described to have a ‘dad bod’ by many platforms. As per the definition of ‘dad bod’ by urban dictionary, it is defined as having a “softly round” body. many of the writers made comments where words like “pudgy” and “flabby” were used.

Facts you need to know about body shaming

  1. Statistics show that most people, regardless of their gender, race, or sexual orientation have been subjected to body-shaming.
  2. Irrespective of movements and protests against body shaming, certain stereotypes prevalent in society lead to notions promoting criticism of one’s body gradually affecting that person’s mental stability.
  3. It is common for men to feel insecure about their bodies. Reports show that 43 percent of men feel dissatisfaction with their bodies.

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