The Hangover IV: Ready for COVID-19 Vaccine? Testing volunteers say not so fast

Pfizer announced on Monday that they had a COVID-19 vaccine with a 90 percent success rate. Unfortunately for some trial testing volunteers, the side-effects had a 100% success rate. 

While “very excited” that the vaccine was 90 percent effective, Texan Glenn Deshields, 44, also reported that he had “severe hangover” symptoms from the trial. 

Similarly, 45-year-old Missourian Carrie, who withheld her last name, said that she suffered from a headache, fever and aches all over her body after her first shot. Unfortunately, her symptoms became more severe after her second shot. 

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However, Carrie remained in good spirits, saying it was her “Civic duty” to take part in the trials. “There are so many people who have suffered,” explained Carrie. “The thought that we could do something to stop people from suffering from this, from losing family members, that we could get rid of it and get back to some sort of normal in our lives—that’s a driving factor for this for me. I don’t want anyone else to be sick.” 

More than 43,500 people in six countries took part in phase three trials by Pfizer. The subjects were not aware whether they were injected with the vaccine or a placebo in the double-blind tests. 

Some believed they had the vaccine after experiencing headaches, fever and muscle aches that were compared to getting the flu shot or recovering from a night of partying. 

But hey, if reliving a couple of wild nights from your college days is all it takes to have immunity from a disease that has killed over a million people worldwide, then it’s worth the headache. 

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Source: New York Post

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