Discovery of Egyptian gold coins in Jerusalem

In the suburbs of occupied Jerusalem, while some workers were digging to install a new elevator, they found a small clay jug filled with dirt, along with some other artifacts.

After the crock-pot left in place for several weeks, while archaeologists transport it where the dirt falls from it, and it has four gold dinars in good condition, and with these coins, they snatch their eyes and steal their minds because of their shine and luster.

Archaeologists there say that the coins tell the story of the dramatic times of that time, as they are an almost complete reflection of historical events. It almost recounts the period of the transition of power in that region from the Abbasid state to the Fatimid state.

Two gold dinars were minted in the Ramle region, between Jaffa and Jerusalem, during the reign of the caliph “Fadl Al-Muti` Allah” (946-974 AD), and his regional ruler Abu Al-Qasim Anujur (946-961 AD).

The other two dinars were minted in Cairo by the Fatimid rulers Al-Muizz Li Din Allah the Fatimid (953-975 AD) and his successor, Al-Aziz Billah the Fatimid (975-996 AD)

The four dinars, according to the discoverers, was a large sum of money at the time because people were living in difficult lives. It was equal to the salary of an average employee or the salary of four months for a small employee.

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