Radical testing of COVID-19 patients could solve the epidemic in weeks, new study says

It has been a year since the emergence of the pandemic, yet we still don’t have a single shot of a public vaccine. Though some researchers were toiling continuously in search of this valuable elixir, some studies claimed it differently. They say that the pandemic would come to an end soon when the testing system was appropriate. To make it happen, the testing method should detect even an asymptomatic COVID-19 person.

The rapid test in the whole population would contribute more than undergoing nation-wise lockdown or other precautionary measures. The impact created by this mass rapid testing will be huge when more than half of the US population has tested. Those test reduces the result time and cost and is sufficient to improvise the condition.

Also, there is no necessity for a more sensitive test. Even a lesser sensitive test with a faster outcome is helpful. If this method is successful, there won’t be any need for all people to stay at home during the pandemic.

This controversial study identified that three-quarters of a city’s population every three days slashed the number of those ultimately infected by 88%. Hence, this has the potential to reduce the case and also to put an end to the pandemic. Therefore, ensuring the availability of these rapid tests would help us to control the pandemic for not so long.

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Source: Science Alert

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