10 interesting facts about dogs you probably didn’t know

1. It is a myth that dogs are color blind.

They can actually see in color, just not as vividly as humans. It is similar to our vision at dusk.

2. A dog’s nose print is unique, much like a person’s fingerprint.

3. Dogs only have sweat glands in their paws and on their nose.

More specifically, they are found between their paw pads. That’s why it can help to wet the bottom of their feet on a hot day, and it’s also why dogs rely on panting as a means of cooling down.

4. Dogs are as smart as a 2-year-old baby. 

They can learn and understand over 150 words.

5. The Beatles song ‘A Day in the Life’ has a frequency only dogs can hear.

In an interview in 2013, Paul McCartney said that he added a frequency only dogs could hear to the end of the Beatles song ‘A Day in the Life.’

6. Dogs can be trained to detect cancer and other diseases in humans.

Cancerous cells release different metabolic waste products than healthy cells in the human body. Dogs may even be able to sniff out cancer cells only through smelling someone’s breath. 

Other popular names include Molly, Sam, Zach, and Maggie.

8. The Basenji is the only barkless dog in the world.

The Basenji dog doesn’t tend to bark; instead, they are known to yodel, whine, or scream.

9. The Saluki is the world’s oldest dog breed. 

They appear in ancient Egyptian tombs dating back to 2100 BC. 

10. Dogs have only recently been able to watch TV.

Since they need about 70 images per second, which older TVs couldn’t deliver.

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