The Mandalorian Continues Cameos

Star Wars diehards brace yourselves: another legend is back in this season’s cavalcade of cameos.

First teased at the end of Season 2 Episode One: The Marshall, we saw a quick glimpse of Boba Fett (Temeura Morrison) who stares off into the distance and utters no dialogue (similar to Luke Skywalker at the end of The Force Awakens) and leaves fans on a cliffhanger eager to find out what Fett has been up to all these years; and more importantly: How did he survive the Sarlacc pit?

Four more episodes went by without a single shot or mention of Fett before “The Tragedy” aired on Friday. Boba Fett was so noticeably absent after his delicious tease in Episode One, fans began to wonder if they would see him at all again this season, or if we would see him again in a spinoff series (rumored) to be in development.

Well wait no more, because Fett made his grand appearance—and not a moment too soon—as he saved the day and life of The Mandalorian.

As Mando and Grogu traveled to Tython to the old Jedi Temple ruins, Grogu is placed on a central orb stone. Boba Fett’s ship the Slave I enters the atmosphere, and suddenly a Force shield appears around Grogu as he sits atop the seeing stone and mediates in the Force.

Boba Fett and Mando soon find themselves in a Mexican Standoff. Boba claims that the armor Mando retrieved from Marshall Cobb Vanth rightfully belongs to him. Mando counters by asserting that Boba Fett is not Mandalorian, and does not follow the creed, and therefore has no claim to the armor.

Boba then offers Mando a deal: Hand over the armor in exchange for protection from the Imperial Remnant. Conveniently, as soon as the offer is made, two Imperial drop ships magically descend from the sky and start attacking our anti-heroes.

In a thrilling western-style battle scene of rapid fire and hiding behind rocks, a rollicking shootout ensues complete with a Civil-War inspired Gatling Gun scene as the gun and several troopers are dispatched by large boulder kicked down the canyon by Fett’s sidekick Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen), who’s life he saved from Mando back in Season 1.

During the scuffle, Fett seizes the opportunity to reclaim his armor from Mando’s ship The Razorcrest, and this leads to the money shot for this episode: A fully-armored Boba Fett flying around on his jetpack dispatching Stormtroopers.

Mando frantically tries to rescue Grogu from impending danger, but the impeding force shield prevents him from doing so.

After the Stormtroopers are easily defeated (A little too easily–aren’t these highly trained soldiers?), like a meteor from the sky, a laser blast from an imperial ship blows The Razorcrest to pieces.

Finally, we are greeted with the latest cameo from Star Wars lore: The Dark Troopers.

The Empire's new Dark Troopers
Dark Troopers fall from the heavens to kidnap Grogu.

The Dark Troopers hail from Star Wars legends and found their origination in the wildly popular 1995 video game Star Wars: Dark Forces. The first-person shooter starred the also popular  Kyle Katarn, a merc who worked for the Rebel Alliance to uncover the Empire’s secret Dark Trooper project headed by General Rom Mohc. The Dark Troopers were advanced droids and exo-skeletons for Stormtroopers.

The Dark Troopers are reminiscent of the video game with a hint of Iron Man (especially the foot repulsers), and were menacing as they rained down from the Imperial ship and snatched the sleeping Grogu after his taxing force shield dissipated.

After the Imperials leave, Mando scrummages through the ruins of The Razorcrest and finds the only thing left still in tact: the Beskar spear given to him by Ashoka after defeating Morgan Elsbeth in the previous episode. Boba Fett shows Mando a hologram of the armor’s registry, and it shows that the armor belonged to Boba, and his father Jango Fett before him; as his father earned the armor fighting in the Mandalorian Civil War. Mando responds by acknowledging that Fett is indeed a Mandalorian and worthy of the armor as they share a kinship of both being foundlings into the Order of Mandalore.

The sad ending to the episode leaves on a hopeful note as Boba Fett tells Mando that his deal for the armor is not fully consummated because he still needs to protect Grogu from the empire and they set off in Slave I looking for the force-sensitive child.

The episode was action-packed and was helped by the writing of creator Jon Favreau. While most episodes felt cinematic due to the scale, color grating, special effects and exotic locations; this episode looked and felt like a tv show as some of the action sequences were ham-worthy, and the middle of the day setting as well as the location on the mountains outside of Los Angeles suspended disbelief; but the episode as a whole was a solid one.

As we are 6 episodes in, I for one can’t wait to see what the last two have in store, and what cameos still await us.

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