First case of COVID-19 in a wild animal

A Mink in Utah becomes the first wild animal in the Globe to contract the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The USDA confirmed the same on Monday. We saw that already 15,000 farmed minks had been killed by the virus in August, with Utah being one of the epicenters. This case came to light when the USDA’s animal and plant service was inspecting the wildlife around the farms in Utah, Michigan, and Wisconsin. On the other hand, it is also said that USDA found zero evidence that the virus has spread to wildlife around farms.

The USDA said in a notice that this is the first free-ranging native wild animal confirmed with the virus. It is also further added that the strain of the virus is indistinguishable from the one found in the Utah farms.

While previously we have seen mutated strains of virus infecting minks around the world, these strains weren’t more harmful than what humans are already dealing with currently.

We should also note that minks have been culled in Denmark to avoid spreading the disease. Minks aren’t the only animals to get the disease, tigers, lions and other zoo animals have also been reportedly infected by the disease.

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