Ancient Umayyad lamps and bulbs discovered in Jerusalem

Ancient Islamic lamps and bulbs dating back to the early Islamic era from the seventh and eleventh centuries AD were recently discovered in the city of Tiberias in Jerusalem, occupied Palestine.

During the excavations, researchers from the Institute of Archeology (affiliated with the Hebrew University) found a cache of 10 saddlebags in good condition. They were made of clay materials and were decorated with various geometric and floral motifs, some of which seem to have not been used yet.

These discovered lamps are rare items in terms of their size, quality, and integrity. They give an idea of those who lived in Tiberias during the Umayyad, Abbasid, and Fatimid periods.

The excavations revealed the remains of residential buildings, and water channels and furnaces used for light industrial purposes were discovered next to them, especially for the production of oil candles made of clay. What is remarkable about this discovery is the finding of an inscription of the name (Allah) in Arabic on a lamp.

An inscription was also found representing the drawing of one of the figures (with a five-pointed star)—it is strange that some Israelis say that it resembles the Star of David. However, the researchers replied to them by saying that there is no relation to this matter.

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