There exists a new mechanism in activating T-cells by the dendritic cells

The research field is quite complex and presents different lacunae still despite all scientific advancements over the years. The molecular underpinning of how cells communicate is astonishing. Recently, researchers from the Francis Crick Institute have identified a novel mechanism by which the dendritic cells profoundly activate the T-cells.

Perhaps we know that the dendritic cells, also a kind of specific cells, found in parts of the body. When a cell is to become cancerous because of a virus or other cause, the proteins inside those cells provide the signals to the immune cells. When this occurs, the dendritic cells come along the way to engulf the bits of the dead cells. These dead cells have assembled in a pocket like fashion called phagosome inside the dendritic cells.

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Experts analyzed the study in a mouse and found an unusual mechanism. To present the protein to the T-cells, the phagosome bursts providing an opportunity to move to the cell surface. There, then it presents itself to the T-cell and evokes the immune response.

The question of how these proteins in the dendritic cells move towards their surface remains debatable. The study explained that the receptor DNGR-1is responsible for bursting the phagosome inside the cells. Further study and details would definitely help in knowing the fate of the proteins, and also to develop some immunotherapy treatments.

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Source: Medical Xpress

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