Platypuses are becoming increasingly threatened, scientists say

Platypuses are one of the most profound, astonishing mammals to been have ever existed. These billed, venomous, and egg-laying mammals are found to be declining in their numbers, which is worrying scientists. Currently, there are four species of these mammals that exist, which are the only egg-laying mammals of the world. Factors like Climate change, Human development, drought, and bushfires destroy the river habitat, which these fur babies rely on. This is causing their number to decline in the wild, and so scientists are urging government and national institutes to add these mammals to the verge of extinction state so that they can benefit from protection and conservation efforts. In addition to this, it is also said that these mammals were once hunted extensively for their fur. Although platypuses are difficult to count due to their nocturnal habits, all recent counts suggest to us that they are definitely declining in their numbers. A recent report by the University of New South Wales, the Australian Conservation Foundation, and others suggest that their numbers have declined to about 22 percent over the past 30 years. This opens our eyes to dire conservation efforts that are needed to protect these rare mammals of the world.

Astonishing facts about these remarkable mammals

As mentioned earlier, platypuses are the only mammals that are capable of laying eggs. They also possess webbed feet and bill like that of a duck, which is a standout feature from other mammals. Moreover, they are one of few venomous mammals; Male platypuses have poisonous spurs that can cause pains equal to 100 hornet stings. In addition to this, it was recently found out that these venoms contain hormones that can help treat diabetes. It is also said that platypuses do not possess a stomach, and their food directly reaches the intestines. They also possess ten sex chromosomes, while we humans possess only two of them. Lastly, recent findings have found out that their furs are bioluminescent in UV light, which exhibits blue-green color. What can be more astonishing than having these mammals around us? I hope we find more about these mammals in the coming days. Also, tell your friends and family about these mammals so that we can at least contribute to their conservation in the least way possible.

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