New reef found in Australia, which was taller than Empire State Building

Scientists recently found out a new reef, and it is bigger than the Empire State Building. This reef formerly originated inside the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Marine researchers found this reef, and it later revealed 80 miles off the coast of Cape York in Queensland, Australia. And it was also six miles from the exterior horizon of the great reef, as reported by Discovery. The mile-wide reef was taller than the Empire State Building positioned in New York City. This reef holds more than 380 meters, or 1250 feet, tall. Yes, the first unfasten large reef to be found in 120 years of the expedition in the Great Barrier Reef.

A team aboard the Schmidt Ocean Institute research vessel discovered this new reef. Discovery reported this. The team used an underwater robot to map the seafloor. Eventually, the mapping discovers that the reef entrenched into the floor of the sea. It also struts solely on its own from there. The research team’s leader, Robin Beaman, said this. Despite the reef’s sequestration, it’s flashing with life in the form of fish and other sea life.

This reef stands up as one of eight large detached reefs in the northern region of the Great Barrier Reef. It was the first discovery of its kind since the 1880s. Scientists also said that it likely established in the reef 20 million years ago during the Miocene epoch.

“It’s a big reef not to have known about,” the research team’s principal investigator, Tom Bridge, said. “We know more about the surface of the moon than we know about what lies in the depths beyond our coastlines.”

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