Bordeaux-ver the moon: French wine to return from the space station

A wine that took a ride on the space station on board on the Northrop Grumman supply ship in November 2019. The 320 merlot and vine snippets were launched by space X in the march through canes in the grape growing business.

French wine to return from space after the long awaited 12 months. This has excited most experts in tasting some 12 bottles to be washed down in the Gulf of Mexico through a space dragon capsule. This came after 12 wine bottles were sent into space to orbit the world in the name of science. Not just limited to wines but vines and other pounds of gear research, including mice to land in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Tampa via space dragon capsule. The bottles of French wine were properly secured and corked into a steel cylinder to prevent breaking on the aboard orbiting lab.

The great of the wine testing will only be done until the end of February. A bottle or two will be opened for tasting by top France’s connoisseurs, the space cargo unlimited, the organization behind the experiment will later conduct some chemical testing. With scientists waiting anxiously to taste and see how space altered all the sedimentation and bubbles. Company CEO and co-founder Nicolas Gaume said it being just an agricultural science who admits it being fun when it comes to sample the wine.

Gaume also stated of it being a solution towards the feeding of humanity through agriculture not limited to earth but space having the key for a better tomorrow. Due to rapid climate changes on the continent, grapes have and will need to adapt to tough conditions as times goes by. With expectations of future exploring of the moon and mars, to enjoy earth’s pleasures. Being French is about having the best food and good wines, Nicolas said in a press statement.

Mr. Nicolas did disclose that some private investors helped in funding the project but refuses to state the initial project cost.

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Source: The Guardian

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