Myelin-specific T cells cause degeneration as found in MS in humans

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease condition in which inflammation happens in the central nervous system, perhaps leading to the battered myelin sheaths. In general, it is a demyelinating disease that possibly blocks or delays the electrical signals flowing across the nerve. For instance, this would result in symptoms like immobility to move, delayed reflex, and also memory.

While researching Japanese macaque encephalomyelitis at the primate center, the scientists observed T-cells that attack the myelin sheath of the CNS. These T-cells were the result of the body’s immune response probably acting on myelin receptor and thus destroying it.

Interestingly, they noticed that the epitopes of T cell targeting myelin in the monkey are identical to humans suffering from MS. Altogether, they find a link to it and are trying to develop an antiviral therapy. They hope that it leverages the immune response and would become eye-opening research that might help MS patients shortly. Also, when we are thorough about the mechanism of the herpes virus, we could probably improvise the vaccine strategies.

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Source: Medical Xpress

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