The recent Saqqara discoveries

In the Saqqara area in Giza, A joint Egyptian mission between the Supreme Council of Antiquities and the Zahi Hawass Center for Egyptology at the Library of Alexandria has found huge discoveries that will restore the history of the eighteenth and nineteenth dynasties in the era of the modern state, because it has been proven through this discovery that King Titi (2345-2333) the first king of the Sixth Dynasty that ruled Egypt from 2323 B.C. till 2150 B.C. was worshiped nearly a thousand years after his death, where burial tombs found, next to the pyramid of King Titi.

The expedition found the funerary temple of the Queen (Neret), the wife of the king (Titi), and found mud-brick warehouses for storing tools that were used to revive the Queen’s creed. In addition, 52 wells were found, between 10 and 12 meters deep, with more than 50 wooden sarcophagi from the New Kingdom. This is the first time that coffins dating back more than 3000 years have been found on Saqqara. These coffins are of human form, and on their surface are many scenes and texts related to the afterlife, which help the deceased to navigate his journey to the other world.

Inside the wells, large numbers of artifacts and statues of deities were found. A papyrus measuring four meters in length and one meter in width, representing the seventeenth chapter of the Book of the Dead, was found on it, and on it, the name of its deceased owner (Bu – Khaa – Af) was recorded – and the same name was found on four chapati statues, and this person also found a coffin. In his name.

A set of wooden masks, a shrine of the goddess Anubis, the god of the dead, and some games such as the game of cent, which resembled a game of chess, and the game of twenty on which the name of the deceased was recorded, are games that must be enjoyed in the afterlife.

A bronze ax was also found, which might have belonged to an army commander in the New Kingdom. He also found engraved plates depicting the deceased and his wife. Including a beautiful limestone panel of a person named (Kho – Ptah) and his wife named (Mut – Um – and Ya). In addition, the upper row of this painting shows the husband in a devotional position in front of the idol Osir, and the lower row shows the deceased sitting with his wife behind him, and under the wife’s chair, one of their daughters appears seated, and a lotus flower appears approaching her nose and decorating her head with an aromatic funnel. In front of the spouses are six sons in two rows, and in the upper row, three of their daughters sit on the ground, holding a lotus flower by their noses and covering their heads with fragrant ends. As for the bottom row, there are three sons, standing in front of the deceased and his wife.

The owner of the painting, one of his titles (Supervisor of the King’s Wheel), indicates his important position in the Nineteenth Dynasty.

The mission also discovered large quantities of pottery dating back to the New Kingdom, including pottery proof (trade relations between Egypt, Crete, Syria, and Palestine). This discovery will re-write the history of Saqqara in the New Kingdom, in addition to confirming the importance of the cult of King Titi during the Nineteenth Dynasty of the New Kingdom.

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