When will Trump’s trial begin?

After a violent protest in the Capitol on January 6th and the House committing to impeachment just a week later, the question is now; when will the Senate trial Trump?

House Speaker and fierce Trump critic, Nancy Pelosi, is committed to moving to a trial as soon as possible. Senate minority leader, and former Trump ally, Mitch McConnell insists on delaying a few weeks to give Trump preparation time.

How does a trial begin?

Nancy Pelosi is able to trigger the trial when she sends the House charges across to the Senate. She said on Thursday, “It will be soon, I don’t think it will be long, but we must do it.”

The House Speaker has now impeached the Former President twice. | Image : Associated Press

Opposition to the Trial

Many Senate Republicans including Senator for Kentucky, Mitch McConnell, have opposed a rush into the trial, insisting Trump is given a week or more to prepare a legal team.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell tells colleagues he is in ‘no rush.’ | Source: CNN

Some Democrats also oppose this move to trial, as they would prefer to give the new administration some breathing space. This would be to free up the Senate chamber so that important legislature can be introduced such as COVID relief.

So when will it happen?

The exact timing for the trial remains unclear, but Nancy Pelosi assures that it will be done “soon“. We can likely expect it to start at the beginning of February.

However, it will require bipartisan support to convict the Former President. This is because conviction requires 67% of the Senate to vote in favor, and the Democrats hold only 53%, including VP Harris.

Despite holding a majority in the Senate, Democrats will require Republican support if they aspire to convict. | Image: Associated Press

Joe Biden has been previously famed for his bipartisan efforts and built his campaign on the idea of unity and that he will be a President for people who did and didn’t vote for him.

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