Dogs and cats may need their COVID-19 vaccine soon

Our fur babies may need their COVID-19 vaccine in the future in measures to prevent the virus from spilling back to humans. We already know that the SARS-CoV-2 virus can infect various animals ranging from cats, dogs, tigers, minks, and gorillas but these animals do not play a vital role in the transmission of the virus. However, authors of the newly published editorial in the journal virulence say that in the future these animal reservoirs may pronounce a danger to mankind as the viruses might mutate to spread via these species. 

Also, the risks exist as long as these reservoir starts to pass them from animal to animal which can eventually lead to animal-specific strains. These strains can then come back and affect humans anew which can start all the drama all over again. The authors add that vaccination of some domesticated might be necessary to curb the infection. 

As of now, we do not any onward movement of transmission of the virus from cats or dogs and therefore pet parents need not have concerns about vaccinating their fur babies at this moment. Also, the USDA is not approving any vaccines for COVID-19 for pets and this does not mean that companies cannot carry out their research. They are free to do their research part but cannot distribute until they obtain a license. On the other hand, COVID-19 vaccine applications for links are being accepted due to their potential of transmitting the disease. Researchers are being carried out in the US and Russia to develop such vaccines.

The editorial also calls for continued usage of public health safety measures such a wearing masks, maintaining social distance, and regular washing of hands. They also encourage getting vaccinated whenever possible to reduce the transmission risk. 

Source: LiveScience 

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