Cruise vessels banned in Canada until 28 February in Combating Covid-19

Canada declares temporal cruise ban measures until 28 February 20201. Transport minister Omar Alghabra announced on Thursday carrying more than 100 people to be restricted in Canadian waters.

This new interruption could cancel the Alaska cruise season for shopping in Alaska, including those coming from Seattle.

Maritime director at Seattle port stated of having respected Canadian government decision. With hopes of having limited cruise ships moving in Seattle as they wait for guidance from the U.S center for disease control.

Jones Stebbins said in a statement in continuing engaging leaders in helping communities impacted by travel and tourism due to the pandemic.

A strict measure was in ensured even on those vessels carrying more than 12 people still remain to be prohibited in entering Arctic coastal waters and those not complying are subject to a fine.

Holland America Ban notice statement:

“We are disappointed to learn about Canada’s decision to extend the interim order that prohibits cruise ships from sailing in its waters and calling on Canadian ports through February 2022 (one year from now). This extension, if not amended as pandemic conditions improve, or through action by US authorities, would require us to cancel our Alaska (West Coast) and Canada/New England (East Coast) cruise vacation seasons this year. Given the unexpected length of the order, it will take us some time to assess whether there are any options to preserve a portion of the 2021 Alaska season.”

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