Platelet may be the culprit for causing lupus, experts say

Lupus is a long-term autoimmune disease that can cause inflammation and pain in any part of the body. It commonly affects skins, joints, and internal organs like kidneys. In general, women who are between the age of 20 to 40 are more prone to the condition. Also, it hits 40 from 100,000 people statistically.

The research suggested that the platelets would rather be a cause for causing lupus. The DNA which came out of the platelet would trigger various inflammatory reaction organized with the disease. It is because of the formation of antibodies to the self DNA and thus resulting in the antigen-antibody complex. They move along with the blood and accumulate anywhere in the tissues or organs. Initially, the researchers didn’t have any idea about the source of DNA that was responsible for the symptoms.

Later, experts after examining 74 patients concluded that the DNA was primarily extracted from platelets. Precisely, the DNA is present in the mitochondria, and when the platelets activate, it releases the mitochondria and their DNA into the blood. However, this activation is not primary for carrying out the normal function of platelets. When it is certain to prevent this activation step, we can stop the release of mitochondrial DNA so that it may reduce the disease outcome.

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Source: Medical Xpress

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