Celebrities in the Snow: Celebrities Who Love Doing Winter Sports

Winter is the time of the year for every family to gather around the warm fire, sharing stories about their favorite Christmas experience. It’s a time for hot cocoa, cookies, and other warm delights. It’s a time spent mostly indoors to keep warm and to be with one another. However, this isn’t the case for some people.

There are some American families who choose to follow their own traditions and travel during wintertime. There are also some who do this for winter sports, and some of these people are well-known celebrities. Some of these celebrities enjoy the cold weather, the snow, and the adrenaline pumping through their veins while they do some winter sports. These celebrities also do it as a sort of relaxation, a retreat far away from the clutches of their fans and civilization.

Considering that they spend their time with people every day, we don’t blame them. If we had the same job, we’d probably do the same thing, too! From Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend spending time in Aspen to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Clint Eastwood skiing, here are some celebrities enjoying their time in Winter Wonderland doing some amazing winter sports.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most famous celebrities in the world. He’s a nominee of multiple Academy Awards and a recipient of best actor in the movie Revenant. He is also one of the messengers of peace, representing the United Nations. There is a lot of work and pressure for this actor, and he finds some peace and quiet doing some winter sports in the snowy mountains of Colorado.

Leonardo spent most of his winter in 2018 enjoying the winter slopes of Aspen, Colorado, with his girlfriend, Camila Morrone. Both were sporting some winter gear and skiing together. Camila was practicing her skiing skills while her boyfriend, Leo, spent more time leisurely skiing the beautiful slopes of Aspen. It was also when the pair admitted to spending more time together, and they still continue to be in a healthy relationship up to this day.

Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson is one of the strong-faced women in Hollywood. She is known for her roles in many hit-shows like Pitch Perfect and Isn’t It Romantic. This famous actress is also known for enjoying her time in the snow.

Wilson was found spending her time with her boyfriend, Jacob Busch, last year in Aspen. They were both found skiing the slopes while also enjoying the delicacies of the beautiful mountain city. She wore a black Rothy’s face mask to cover herself from the virus while also rocking a full black skiing gear. She clearly felt at home in the snow as she skied like a professional throughout her time on the slopes.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Clint Eastwood

The iconic pair of Arnold Schwarzenneger and Clint Eastwood was spotted on Instagram wearing full skiing gear in an unspecified location. They both looked like they were comfortable in the snow despite their age. They were wearing full winter skiing gear, with Arnold wearing what might be a Giro winter helmet and Clint wearing a comfortable wooly hat. Considering this duo’s age, they probably need all the help they can get from the skiing gear, and skiing tends to be taxing to the human body. Nonetheless, these two find comfort doing some winter sports and spending time with each other.

This duo found their relationship to be profound. Arnold claims that he looks up to the filmmaker and former actor Clint Eastwood. They spend time doing sports to keep themselves fit and healthy, and it’s probably one reason why they are still so active despite their age.

Orlando Bloom

When everyone else is skiing, Orlando Bloom is doing something more extreme: snowboarding.

Orlando Bloom was doing some snowboarding in Aspen, Colorado. He was spotted in 2019 spending time with Katy Perry and her family. At the time, he was practicing the winter sport while being spectated by Katy Perry. Both had a blast watching each other and spending time with one another.

Snowboarding can be a challenging sport, but Orlando made it look easy. He swayed and moved like a professional, showing off skills that no one knew he had in the sport. From the way he snowboarded, it seems that he has been practicing it for years.

Here are some celebrities that enjoy spending their winter out in the cold. Winter sports can be a demanding and taxing hobby to do. It’s quite clear that most American families wouldn’t choose to do this over the warmth of a fireplace. However, for these celebrities, this is the best winter getaway.

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