Former Olympic athlete Hashimoto, The new head of Tokyo 2020 organizers

Japanese athlete Seiko Hashimoto has been elected President of Tokyo 2020. Hashimoto has competed previously in the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics as a cyclist and skater. But now one of the biggest sports event in the world is facing serious problems due to pandemic.

Hashimoto should took responsibility for ensuring that all people associated with athletes protected from the coronavirus. But at the same time, the fierce opposition of the people to the competition between the co-expansion will be a challenge for them. After submitting her resignation as Olympics minister, Hashimoto announced her selection shortly. Prime minister Yoshihide Suga received the resignation. She also encourages Hashimoto to make the games successful.

“As someone with an athletic background, I will carry out a safe Games for both athletes and citizens,” she told a news conference. She replaces an 83-year-old former prime minister, Yoshiro Mori. She resigned as Tokyo 2020 president last week after saying women talk too much. International Olympic Committee welcomed her appointment, which had not demanded Mori’s resignation. They initially considered the case closed after the refusal to step down and his first apology.

“With her great Olympic experience and having led Japan’s delegation to the Olympic Games multiple times, she is the perfect choice for this position, Seiko Hashimoto can draw on her rich political experience as a Minister and many other political functions. This will help to deliver safe and successful Olympic and Paralympic Games.” IOC President Thomas Bach said in a statement.

Gaming Events In The Middle Of Pandemic

More than 80 percent of Japanese do not believe the Games should be held this year due to the pandemic as per the opinion polls of the public – Hashimoto pledged to address for both ordinary citizens and athletes regarding this concern. “I can imagine how tough it is for athletes with so many questions about whether they should even aim for the Olympics and Paralympics amid the pandemic,” she said.

Her birth took place, days before 1964 summer games hosted by Japan. Her name comes from a Chinese character used for the Olympic flame. She also took part in four Winter Olympics as a speed skater and three Summer Olympics as a cyclist.

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