Another variant of the COVID-19 virus emerge in Washington

The pandemic is still seeking attention all over the country. The vaccine produced is efficacious, but there is no clear idea of how it handles the new strain of the virus. Nonetheless, a new variant of the virus has emerged in Washington, D.C., after doing viral genome analysis from a sick newborn. The researchers identified that the viral load is 51,418 times higher than other young ones.

Experts are yet to find the virulence or transmission rate of the new variant. Till now, almost eight cases have been identified in the mid-Atlantic U.S. Also, the viral spike protein is totally different in the way, which might make them more infectious. It may be the culprit for presenting more viral particles in the victim’s nose.

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Well, we know that the children are not much likely to suffer from COVID-19. Yet, we have had pediatric cases rising for the last five months. Besides, some studies indicated that the virus could cause long-term damage in children. Children of colors like black, Hispanics are suffering more from the virus and have reported 241 deaths so far.

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