Biden announces support for unionization – a Presidential first

In a presidential first on Sunday, President Biden released a 2 minute video endorsing the rights of workers and unions.


This message of support comes after 6000 Alabaman Amazon workers prepare to vote in unionization elections.

Amazon has spoken out against unions, saying they “take your money for nothing.” These elections come after years of records exposing Amazon for unethical practices, whether it be disallowing toilet breaks or low wages.

Amazon has also spoken out against unions, saying “unionizing gives up the right to speak for yourself”| Image: Alabama Amazon warehouse | Joe Songer

This has been described as one of the biggest labor movements in recent American history.

A third of the Alabama warehouse’s workers have already signed up, although it is unclear what effect the President’s message will have on turnout.

Obama on unions

During the Obama administration, workers were disappointed by the lack of action on unions. Whilst citing them in his campaigns, he did not condone them in the capacity that Biden has.

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