Turning off the GLI1 gene may help us in treating several cancers

There are millions of patients suffering from various kinds of cancer worldwide. Despite all novel approaches for treating cancer, we are still in a deterioration stage. However, the latest study hinted that a region within the gene GLI1 stimulates its expression, responsible for uncontrolled cell division. This has led to the development of various cancers and also promotes drug-resistant.

Researchers have done enough works with human embryonic stem cells to prove when that particular region in the gene shuts down, it prevents the outcome. They eliminated the GLI1 regulatory region in the stem cells and found no proliferation of cells. In the target of removing genes, they used CRISPR gene-editing technology and proved the results. The particular region when removed successfully prevented the gene expression but interfered with the normal gene activity during growth.

The red flag behind this approach is that it blocks stem cells to differentiate into three embryonic lineages. However the development of GLI1 stops after birth but still when we target the particular gene, it should not affect the normal biology of cells. Scientists are now looking for GLI1 associated protein to prevent tumor growth by preventing the gene expression through these proteins.

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Source: Medical Xpress

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