USA sanctions Myanmar as military violence escalates

Since the military overthrew the civilian leaders last month, the world has seen harsh demonstrations across Myanmar. The most recent and deadly of which, saw security forces kill dozens of people on Wednesday (3rd March).


Various countries including the UK and US have condoned the military’s actions and called for the reinstallation of democracy. Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted about it on Thursday (4th March).

Johnson called for an end to military repression, and the release of the civilian ex-leaders of Myanmar.


The USA has not only denounced the military actions in Myanmar, but they have imposed trade sanctions on Myanmar’s Ministry of Defence and Home Affairs, alongside two closely associated corporations.

Ned Price, the spokesman for the US Department of State, told the regime to exercise “maximum restrain” and warned that the US would take action to hold them accountable for the arrest of journalists and censoring of media outlets.

Ned Price warned Myanmar that more action will be taken if they don’t restore a democratic civilian government | Image: Twitter/@StateDeptSpox

It comes after President Biden signed executive orders in February that imposed sanctions on those who lead the coup. Under these orders, the Federal Reserve of New York reportedly blocked an attempt by the military rulers to move $1 billion in funds.

President Biden signing executive orders in the Oval Office | Image: Business Standard

The US has also called on China to use its reasonable influence to help restore a civilian government in Myanmar.

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