Fox News sued for $1.6bn over voter fraud claims

A voting company [Dominion Voting Systems] filed a $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit against Fox on Friday (26th March). They cited that the media giant claimed the company rigged the election in order to boost ratings.

Fox News was a well-known ally of former President Donald Trump, and many of his supporters were known to be viewers of the network and its various shows. When claims of voter fraud rose after the election, Fox News only amplified them.

Allies of former President Trump appeared on the network to allege voter fraud | Source: Washington Post

These actions inevitably led to the public dissent that caused the violent siege in the Capitol on January 6th.

What did FOX do?

Despite confirmations from even Trump’s AG William Barr that voter fraud was blatantly untrue, some Fox News employees reportedly argued that the machines used algorithms to sway the vote.

They even cited links to late Venezuelan dictator, Hugo Chavez.

Late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez was cited in some Fox News employees arguments against the Dominion voting machines | Image: Reuters

Dominion claims they made several attempts to contact Fox News and set the record straight, but they were ignored.

It’s argued that this was done to shift the spotlight from Trump’s electoral failure, and Biden’s clear victory. Dominion also claims that Fox ratings and viewership were dropping at the time, so this provided them a scapegoat.

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