Has new leadership in the US brought a new zeal for Iran’s nuclear deal?

The Background of Iran’s deal

The Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action, popularly known as Iran’s nuclear deal, was signed in 2015 between Iran and P5+1members. It was prepared in the backdrop of the Islamic revolution, which brought a sea change among the emerging relations between the countries of the Middle-east and the rest of the world.

The Nuclear deal signed by the then US President, Barack Obama, with Iran was considered to be the game-changer plan, but all the hopes were dashed when the former US President Donald Trump pulled out of the deal back in 2018. The deal had put a limit on the Uranium stockpile by Iran. After the pullout of the US, however, Iran started building on its Uranium reserves which are well above the limit mentioned in the JCPOA.


As a result of the Presidency change in the US, the present President Joe Biden wishes to revive the deal, but the root cause of the problem lies in the sanctions imposed by the US on Iran. However, another effect can also be traced to the fact that Iran has stockpiled its uranium reserves well above the limit. Thus, Iran wishes to get rid of the sanctions imposed on it as its economy has suffered a lot due to the pandemic. Another fact that establishes itself here is the upcoming Presidential elections in Iran which might lead to a regime change, making it more difficult to push the deal.


Thus, it is required that the discussions should be carried out in a pragmatic way between both parties. It is required more so for the peace and stability around the region, and then only the recent Vienna negotiations will bear fruit. A hardcore stand and refusing to take part in the talks would only make things worse.

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