The spiraling conflict between Russia and Ukraine

The amassing of the military troops by Russia has led to the escalation of the dispute between Ukraine and Russia. Ukrainian commander-in-chief Ruslan Khomchak has also accused Moscow of pursuing an “Aggressive Policy.” This military build-up is followed by sabre-rattling by Russian officials. As a result of this, a major escalation would mean the “beginning of the end of Ukraine.” It is also being seen that this military buildup is the largest since 2014 near Ukraine’s border.


THIS military buildup in the Donbas region of Eastern Ukraine meant strong criticism from the other countries where the US has warned for its consequences. Similarly, during a phone call with the Russian President, German Chancellor Angela Merkel demanded de-escalation of tensions by reduction of troops in the disputed region.

Although the reason for such an action by Russia is not clear but can be pointed towards the domestic factors in both these countries, Kremlin has seen the worst since the pandemic and also, in terms of Alexei Navalny’s (opposition leader) arrest.

“There is a whole slew of increasingly confrontational steps coming out of Kremlin,” said Kendall-Taylor.

Thus, it is required for both nations to sort out the differences in order to maintain peace and tranquillity in the region. Thus, ending this stalemate is the need of the hour.

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Source: Hindustan times

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